We won Most Effective Mobile Search Campaign at the MOMA Awards!

Jide Sobo, Head of Mobile, and Rich Martin, Digital Strategy Director, share the wonderful news that we won a prestigious MOMA award last night for our work with Johnson & Johnson.

Katie Bonheim and Phil Chapman, from the Primus Search team, picked up the award for the Most Effective Mobile Search Campaign at the prestigious MOMAs last night.  The campaign, for Johnson & Johnson cold relief medicines refined the use of search according to the outside temperature and delivered some very impressive results.


Did you know the average UK adult can expect to catch between 2 and 4 colds each year, and children usually catch more?  The NHS generally advise to treat symptoms at home using over-the-counter medicines, and to avoid visiting the doctor.  Johnson & Johnson were keen to maintain and promote Benylin and Sudafed as two of the UKs number 1 selling brands for winter healthcare, and search was to play a major role.

The symptoms treated by Benylin and Sudafed are seasonal, with search volume rising as the temperature drops. We couldn’t risk a competitor increasing their bids and gaining a higher position, but manually adjusting bids in line with changing weather conditions was too time consuming. We didn’t want to apply a single, high bid across the UK as this could have caused CPC to rise unnecessarily, so we turned to AdWords scripts. Using scripts we pulled in live weather reports from all 979 UK towns and cities which are recognised by AdWords. As the temperature fell we automatically increased bids to make sure we maintained position one on the results page.

In addition to forecasting a 17% growth within the category, Google also predicted that 54% of searches would be from a mobile device – this was an important consideration for us. Confronted with such a large choice of cold and flu brands, the savvy consumer would look to Google and Bing whilst in-store for advice in making their choice. With reduced space available on the smaller screens, it was more important than ever to secure position one. In conjunction with our automated script, we also deployed mobile bid modifiers across all campaigns. Recognising that searchers on mobile devices are more likely to be ready to convert, we replaced one of the site links with a ‘where to buy’ option.

During the 2014/15 winter season, we recorded a 61% YoY increase in clicks from mobile devices, and a 27% improvement to mobile CTR.


If you’d like to chat or congratulate the team you can contact them through the @MECUK twitter handle.