Everything you need to know about our fast track leadership programme…Rising Talent!

Anneka Barrett, Head of CPD, and Clare Alger, Director of People and Culture at MEC UK, answer questions on the Rising Talent scheme – MEC’s 12 month fast track leadership programme for the top talent at manager level.

What is Rising Talent?

 Rising Talent is our 12 month fast track leadership programme, designed to push the learning boundaries of our top talent at Account / Comms Manager level.  It’s a blend of bi-monthly learning modules with an opportunity to be coached and mentored by our senior management.  This year we’ve added a 12 month project for delegates to drive, reporting into senior management around how we can bring our behaviours more to life within the business.  As we continue to grow with our success, it’s really important we retain our unique MEC’ness that our people love.


What does Rising Talent Involve?

It’s a combination of intense learning experiences and support, designed to help delegates truly Thrive and grow both personally and professionally. Shortlisted candidates are interviewed by our senior management and the successful applicants join the programme – this year, we selected 17 delegates, our biggest cohort to date and indicative of the exceptional talent at MEC. 

Each year we rigorously review and revamp the programme to ensure it offers Best in Class CPD learning experiences that are ahead of the curve within our industry and beyond

What’s your favourite part of Rising Talent

For me, it’s watching the delegates grow and develop after each module and seeing how they apply their learnings back into the business. In my five years at MEC every delegate has made me proud! – Anneka Barrett, Head of CPD

For me, it’s seeing the role Rising Talent plays in laying the foundations of being an inspirational leader at MEC. I’ve seen our Rising Talent alumni advance to senior leadership positions over the years and in all sorts of guises.  They still talk passionately about how Rising Talent was the real beginning of their leadership journey – testament not only to the top talent we have at MEC but also to the amount of effort we invest as a business to ensure our people Thrive in whatever they choose to do. – Clare Alger, Director of People and Culture