Mobile World Congress 2015 – Mapping twitter conversation

Gearoid Godson, Social Insight Manager at MEC UK, shares his insights from the recent Mobile World Congress, during which the social media team mapped the online conversations that took place.

MWC has been and gone for another year. Much has been written about the key speeches, products and trends from this year’s event. In the aftermath of the exhibition, MEC’s social media insight team mapped the online conversations that took place. With almost 450,000 mentions on Twitter of #MWC15“MWC2015”, “MWC15” and “Mobile World Congress” tracked between the 1st and 5th of March, we have mapped them into an interest graph to get a better picture of what the conversations were about. Each of the bubbles (or ‘nodes’) represent the most popular terms that have appeared within Twitter conversations about the event. The size of the bubble relates to how influential that word is.

The colour illustrates different clusters of conversation. Finally, and most importantly, the thickness of the lines (or ‘edges’) between bubbles shows the strength of correlation between each word (how often they are mentioned together in tweets). With this in mind, we can see the most obvious correlations such as ‘smart’ and ‘phone’ and ‘mobile’, ‘world’ and ‘congress’ are immediately apparent. However, it is when we focus on the brands, products and topics that we can really begin to track the nature of the Twitter discussion.

Android – The Dominant Platform

We can clearly see that Android has been the most discussed operating platform at MWC. It is also interesting to see the wide range of brands that the operating system is correlated with. HTC immediately jumps out, with the launch of the firms flagship HTC One M9 being announced at the exhibition and they appear to show the association with Android over any other manufacturer.

We can also see that the company’s hashtag #HTCOneLife appeared frequently within conversation. Samsung launched the Galaxy Edge S6 handset at the event, and this was subsequently announced as the best new handset by the GSMA.

We can see the correlation between this handset and the Android operating system which it uses. Other manufacturers to appear prominently within discussion of the Android ecosystem include ZTE who launched the Grand S3, the first smartphone to feature an eye based biometric solution. Huawei had a very busy time at MWC 2015, closely correlated to watches following the launch of their wearable solution which uses the Android wear operating system.

Apple – there in spirit

Although Apple did not attend MWC, it was inevitably one of the most discussed topics, particularly interesting because all brand mentions were organic.

We can also see the clear association between Apple and apps. With MWC seeing the launch of many new apps, particularly enterprise apps, discussion of these was always alongside Apple, highlighting the importance of the Apple ecosystem. It is also interesting to note the correlation between Apple and watch – with Apple being frequently mentioned alongside the Huawei and LG offerings which were launched at the event. Further correlations can be seen between Apple and Samsung and Android, showing the importance of the brand as a benchmark, against which other brands continue to be compared.

On the subject of IoT (Internet of Things), which has seen a rise to prominence this year, the theme was discussed alongside ‘innovation’, ‘internet’ and ‘technology’ signifying that no brand has made this their own yet.

Overall Android dominated conversations around MWC, but Apple was still present, despite not attending the event. In the next year it will be interesting to monitor social conversations around the Apple Watch launch, to see how consumer attitudes change from the organic conversations seen at MWC. It will also be interesting to see if any brand ‘owns’ the IoT conversation in the next year, as this is currently not dominated by any brand. Watch this space.

If you’d like to chat to Gearoid please contact him through the @MECUK Twitter handle.