5 Quick Takeaways from Ad week

Didn’t make it to Adweek 2015? Luckily for you Susanna Cousins, Strategy Director at MEC UK, has shared with us a great summary to the themes that dominated the conference this year

We are in a period of industry soul-searching.

The old business models don’t reflect the world that we operate in or create conditions for the best work to be imagined and realized.  MEC’s CSO Verra Budimlija spoke of shifting the currency we trade in from ideas to collaboration, rewarding shared ownership of ideas. Nils Leonard of Grey London thought that we could use expensive ads to pay for having mad inventors in the office.

We need clients to be active champions of these new ways of working and remunerating work. 

Chuck Porter spoke about CP+B’s B-cycle project, the result of a brief from a client to “do something to help healthy living”.  They might have been expecting a communications campaign, but they got onboard with a business initiative.  The scheme now operates in 30 cities across North and South America.

Brands are not going away.

Jo Hagger of Google asserted that technology, far from making brands redundant, makes them more important.  The proliferation of content, platforms, reviews means the brand is needed as an anchor.

But still no-one agrees on what a brand is.

The IPA’s ‘What is a 21st Century Brand” debate ranged from brands as the expression of the people at the helm, to brands as connectors of communities.  The founder of Sofar Sounds, Rafe Offer, didn’t even know he had a brand until other people told him he did.

There are so many brilliant ideas, technologies and people available in our industry.

The job now has to be putting them all to work and making stuff happen. And if we do that, we will redefine our value, to our clients and to ourselves.

If you’d like to find out more about Adweek you can contact Susannah through the @MECUK Twitter handle.