Who and what made up the 1 million social media mentions from #CES15?

Gearoid Godson, Social Media Insight Manager and #CES investigator, digs through the tidal wave of conversation that surrounded the Consumer Electronics Show to find out which brands, products and speakers came out on top.

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Just as the rest of us were getting to terms with returning to work after the holidays, The Consumer Electronics Show rolled into Las Vegas between the 6th and 9th of January. With over 160,000 people attending the event, it has firmly established itself as the number one show for showcasing technological innovations. The buzz surrounding the event also transferred to social media with approximately one million mentions of the show appearing online between the 1st and the 10th of January.

Who was talking?

The conversation was dominated by men who accounted for 70% of all Twitter mentions. As well as this, US based Tweeters dominated the conversation, accounting for 55.1%, with UK based users accounting for 5.8% of total Twitter discussion.

What were they talking about? 

Much of the pre-show discussion speculated about what would be the standout segment at this year’s show, following the focus on wearable technology that was evident in 2014. In truth, there was no standout new category this year, with many of the innovations unveiled at the show building on previously launched sectors. Indeed, wearable technology was still mentioned over 34,000 times on social media this year, with products such as the Swarovski Shine, a fitness tracker produced by Misfit, and featuring a Swarovski crystal generating conversation. Other topics to generate buzz this year included: cars (36,500 mentions) and drones (8,500 mentions)

Which brands stood out?

Intel emerged as the most discussed brand on social media, mentioned in just over 73,000 mentions over the course of the event. Intel’s keynote speech was one of the best attended talks during the event, and this ensured that CEO Brian Krzanich was also amongst the most visible speakers on social media (2,560 mentions). The most visible of Intel’s unveilings was RealSense, a 3D camera capable of recognising gestures and scanning 3D objects. The company also announced its fifth generation core mobile chips.

As usual, electronics giants LG (41,000 mentions) Samsung (38,500 mentions) and Sony (29,500 mentions) were also well represented in the list of most discussed brands.  LG’s success seemed to stem from ‘curved’ products, with the company unveiling a host of curved screen TV’s as well as the G Flex 2 and the new LG Display smartphones, the latter of which boasts a display which bends downward along its sides. Samsung unveiled an extremely wide range of gadgets including a washing machine with a built in sink, as well as announcing the launch of its Super UHD TV’s (or SUHD TVs for short!). Mentions for Sony were boosted by news of the revival of its iconic Walkman brand which gathered 6,100 mentions alone. This announcement did generate some unfavourable mentions as consumers were put off by the alleged $1,000 price tag attached to the new device. Elsewhere, Sony gathered praise for its newest 4K TV which is only 0.2 inches thick.

Who was the most popular speaker? 

The aforementioned Brian Krzanich, CEO of Intel was the most discussed speaker within CES conversation, narrowly beating Samsung president Boo-Keun Yoon to top spot. Social media users were quick to mention Krzanich’s comments that this year will be an important turning point in technology, one which he compared to the launch of the Pentium processor 20 years ago. Krzanich also announced Intel’s pledge to invest $300 million to improve the diversity of Intel’s workforce. Boo-Keun Yoon’s comments that Samsung planned to make all of its products ‘Smart’ and internet ready by 2020 generated discussion. With cars also making waves at the show, Ford CEO Mark Fields was also amongst the most mentioned speakers at CES, with his announcement that a driverless car would be available in 2020 being picked up and shared by others. Dieter Zetsche of Mercedes Benz was just behind Mark Fields in social chatter, with the company’s unveiling of its stunning F015 Luxury in Motion concept self-driving concept car sending petrol-head hearts racing. Finally, in fifth place was Cisco CEO John Chambers who hosted a keynote panel discussion at CES on the evolution of the connections between people, data, business and innovation.

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