2015 Social Media New Year’s Resolutions to stick to

Natalie Laverick, Account Executive in the Digital Engagement team, shares some socially minded (and non-physically exerting) resolutions for anyone looking to refresh their social media activities in 2015.

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After the indulgence of Christmas, when on average British adults consume 7,000 calories on Christmas Day alone, most of us are excited for the 1st of January and the prospect of a fresh start.

However, unsurprisingly few of us stick to our New Year’s Resolution and as a result we soon find ourselves falling back into our old ways.  In fact January 17th has been dubbed “Ditch your New Year’s Resolution Day” because it’s the most common date people abandon their New Year’s goal.

So this year I’ve resolved to not better myself, but instead focus on some simple but effective social media resolutions that can and should be put into practice by all brands.

Be spontaneous, create real time content! This was covered by our Head of Content Jamie Toward at our most recent Expo; he explained that planning is key to creating real time content successfully. Also don’t forget to allocate a small budget to be able to create this content.

Be a better listener. Social listening is hugely important and can help you find the perfect time for your brand to post, as well as when to best engage with your consumers. It’s also a great way to follow trends and get involved in relevant conversations. This goes hand-in-hand with #3, as a brand can’t improvise well without knowing what’s on the minds of its audience.

Stop using stock photography! A recent study by Neil Patel, co-founder of Crazy Egg, Hello Bar and KISSmetrics, found that custom images significantly outperform stock photos, screenshots and royalty-free images. Sometimes by up to 10x! So aim to invest more time to create custom graphics.

Start making videos. Individuals are consuming video more now than ever before, so it’s important to begin incorporating video into your social media marketing strategy, whether it’s a six second Vine, a GIF or a YouTube clip. Take advantage of Facebook and Instagram’s autoplay on videos to help your brands stand out on users’ newsfeeds and don’t forget that Pinterest now also supports video and .gif files.

Get to know your influencers better. Make a thorough list of your brand’s influencers. Favorite, like, comment, and re-share their content, as well as communicating directly with them. Once you form a good relationship, their followers and authority will combine with yours, and in turn you’ll reach a wider audience.

Are there any more resolutions that you think should be included? Comment underneath with any of your ideas or come and chat with Natalie through the @MECUK Twitter handle.