This social network aims to cut down the clutter

It didn’t seem that long ago we were talking about the link-sharing social network site Ello but recently another alternative has launched called This – as in, when you share something so amazing no justifying description is needed.

This Profile Page

There’s no holy grail aim to become bigger than Facebook or Twitter but where it’s placing its role is to solve the problem that exists on social networks which is too much noise.

Adding another social network to your list to check in everyday seems counter-intuitive to cutting down such noise but with the restriction of only being able to share one link a day, This could prove to be a valuable source of information and entertainment.

Depending on who you follow This offers a more streamlined version of Twitter and a better curated Facebook. Missing out on valuable sources of information or seeing the same link over and over again could soon be a thing of the past.

It’s all thriller, no filler.

At the moment This is still in its Beta phase but all profiles are public, like the founder Andrew Golis.

It’s not on mobile yet either but with backing from Atlantic Media it’s a risk averse experiment with plenty of room for growth if it can secure the backing of some well-respected thought leaders across a variety of fields.

A good product doesn’t necessarily equate to a good business and any potential revenue streams are unclear as yet, with all Golis stating is he wants to “…build a big healthy business around quality”.

Plenty of social networks have launched since Facebook in response to it, some have failed and some the jury is still out on. But the ones that make a success of things offer something that wasn’t there before or done as well, like Instagram turning us into amateur photographers or Pinterest into online scrap bookers.

Golis’ could be on to something here in creating a social network based on quality content, as long as they ensure they don’t ever stray from the principle of reducing noise on social media. One to watch.