Around Shoreditch Street Art in 10 photos

We, the Digital Engagement Team at MEC London, recently undertook our group thrive project as winners of the agencies ‘Smarter Working Team of the Year’

How better to truly thrive than taking to the streets of Shoreditch and immersing ourselves in the world of street art; Creativity that’s lawless, opportune and truly native to its surroundings.

Join the team as we walk you round the streets of Shoreditch…

 1. Multiple Artists, Alley off Tabernacle Street


Abi: “Opposite where this photo was taken they are building a new 5 star hotel. I love the juxtaposition between the two worlds and the defiance of the street art in its ability to capture attention, whilst the landscape and buildings around it morphs into something nondescript.”

2. Vhils, Hewitt Street


Caileen: “This striking form of visual poetry by Vhils expresses the belief that destruction is a form of construction, and I think that’s really beautiful.”

3. Ben Eine, Rivington Street


Natalie: “From the humblest beginnings can grow the biggest successes. The Cameron’s gave Obama a piece of art work by Ben Eine as a state gift and it now sits in the White House, which reminds us anything is possible!”

4. El Mac, Hewett Street


Kevin: “El Mac is described as a Human ink jet printer because of the precision of the lines in his work and the consistency he manages to achieve. The inconsistency between the uniformed lines and the nature of street art – hurried, opportune and lawless- made this a standout piece”

5. Artist Unknown, Alley off Tabernacle Street


Dan: ‘I felt a personal connection with this piece because I’ve always been fascinated by Siamese twins, and what it must feel like to be a separate entity with a shared body – and one of my favourite albums of the 90s was Siamese Dream by the Smashing Pumpkins, and these two are asleep, possibly sharing the same brain and the same dream’

6. Stik, All over Shoreditch


Nick: ‘I love the fact he’s taken such an everyday, recognisable and traditionally bland symbol and made it unique and native to the surroundings. It looks exactly like it should belong there’

7. Donk, Location unknown


Simon: “I’ve always loved the iconic look of boomboxes and so this piece by Donk really appealed to me. The intricacies within the design are brilliant and because it has been placed over a highly artworked area the vibrant colours behind it help it to stand out even more”

8. Pez, All over Shoreditch


Amy: ‘Crazy and colourful, Pez has managed to create a standout identity for himself and his work amongst a sea of street art’

9. Inkie, New Inn Yard


Warren: “Inkie has been one of my favourite artists since his Graffiti days. He’s a legend in the game and used to work with Banksy and 3D in their Boogie Down Bristol era and often helps the rising talent of now.”

10. Multiple Artists, Alley off Tabernacle Street


George: “All street art has a lifespan; even the best pieces will ultimately get destroyed…..”

If you would like to take a Street Art Tour of Shoreditch please visit: